TeenCleen Gel 30g

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Customer Reviews

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Rajesh M.

"Teen Cleen Gel has been a game-changer in our household. It's not just a product; it's a confidence booster. My teenager's skin is visibly clearer, and they're feeling more empowered every day. Aushadhi Kart, you've earned a loyal customer!"

Sneha K
grateful for this product!

"Teen Cleen Gel is a must-try for teens dealing with acne. It's gentle on the skin, and it has improved my teen's confidence. We're grateful for this product!"

Vikram G.
Amzing Result

"Teen Cleen Gel is a lifesaver for parents and teens alike. It's easy to apply, doesn't leave a residue, and it's made a significant difference in my teen's complexion."

Anita P

"I'm amazed at how effective this gel is. It's like a magic wand for teenage acne. My teen's skin is looking better than ever, and they're smiling more!"

Ramesh A.
boost is priceless

"Teen Cleen Gel has been a reliable part of my teen's skincare routine. It's helped reduce breakouts, and the confidence boost is priceless. We're sticking with this one!"

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Product Information:-

TeenCleen gel will help you get rid of scars and acnes. It can help you in getting a fairer skin in a natural way. If you have any problems related to acne and scars than the best reason to use this gel is that it’s made of such natural ingredients that are known to have best medicinal and curing benefits since ancient age.


Product Available Pack:-

30g in Lami tube with attractive outer box.


Use twice daily on affected area after cleaning the face for best results or as directed by healthcare practitioner.