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Anjali Desai
Highly recommend it!

"Tuliq Gel has been a lifesaver for my arthritis pain. It provides a soothing sensation and reduces the inflammation effectively. I love the natural ingredients used in it. Highly recommend it!"

Amit Kumar
Satisfied with the purchase

"I have been using this gel for my joint pain, and it has provided relief without any strong smell. It's easy to apply and doesn't leave any sticky residue. Satisfied with the purchase."

Kavita Patel
Great product overall!

"Tuliq Gel has become an essential part of my gym routine. It helps with post-workout muscle soreness and provides quick relief. I appreciate the fast-acting formula. Great product overall!"

Rajesh Gupta
Happy with the results so far

"I've been using Tuliq Gel for my back pain, and it has been effective in reducing the discomfort. It has a soothing effect and doesn't leave any greasy residue. Happy with the results so far."

Neha Singh
Highly recommended

"Tuliq Gel has been my go-to solution for muscle pain relief. It gets absorbed quickly and provides instant relief. I love the cooling sensation it gives. Highly recommended for anyone with muscle soreness."

Product description

Product Available Pack:-

Tuliq Gel is a blend of unique Ayurvedic herbs which provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant actions, due to which it provides relief from pain and improves the rate of healing in any type of mouth ulcers. It not only take care of mouth ulcers but also provide relief from associated symptoms.

Antiseptic property of Khadir helps to prevent infection and relieves itching sensation.

Wound healing & anti-inflammatory property of Yashtimadhu & Haldi are helpful to provide relief from ulcers.

Due to anti-oxidant & cooling property of Dadim and Amalaki helps to relieve burning sensation and increase rate of healing.

Menthol & Clove oil relieves pain due to analgesic property & provide freshness by cleaning the mouth.

In summary, Tuliq gel provides better healing in mouth ulcers and associated symptoms like pain, swelling, and burning sensation

Product Available Pack:-

15g in Lami tube with attractive outer box.


Used to soothe Mouth Ulcer and Associated Symptoms